Neo Mikro Chorio

Three mountains had to meet to establish the nature of a miracle. Chelidona, Kaliakouda and Velouchi mingle in a cluster of incomparable mountain beauty. And between them stands observer and ornament while our village: The Neo Mikro Chorio.

Located at an altitude of 800 m. 12 km. From Karpenisi while staying at this 200 residents. It is tucked into the green and welcoming awaits us.

Neo Mikro Chorio was built two kilometers from the old location, based tourism project mountain village, after the landslide of January 13, 1963, when half the village disappeared. In the autumn of 1966 electrified the new settlement and in 1967 the new aqueduct. By 1968 construction had finished.

Beautiful two-storey houses with hewn stone, and among them, scattered, towering firs, growing in the summer of cool and mountainous beauty. The layout, the tractable and the sweetness of the place foreshadow a wonderful village.

10 neo mikro chorio